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The default JAXBElement Provider will check these resolvers first before attempting to create a JAXBContext on its own.

Finally, JAXBProvider provides a support for serializing response types and deserializing parameters of methods annotated with @Xml Java Type Adapter annotations.

The request and response can be marshalled and unmarshalled to/from Java object using JAXB.

There's a number of ways to tell to the JAXB provider how objects can be serialized.

APPLICATION_JSON) public Response add Book(@Context final Uri Info uri Info, Json Object obj) The Jsr Jsonp Provider provider could be used on server side or on a client side.

By default, the provider uses JSR-353 Java API for JSON Processing reference implementation to read/write message jaxrs.

The Apache CXF provides such a support in a form of Jsr Jsonp Provider provider distributed by Apache CXF JAX-RS Extensions Providers module (cxf-rt-rs-extension-providers).

JSONProvider will also recognize "namespace Mapper Property Name" in cases when the namespaces are not ignored.

Class Optimize'JAXB Marshaller, Unmarshaller and context properties can be configured for both JAXB and JSON providers.

Both providers can also be configured to skip the is Readable() and is Writeable() checks to do with asserting that a given instance is likely to be successfully read/written by setting a 'skip Checks' property to true.

If this provider deals with XML and has a "get Enable Streaming" method returning 'true' then Caching XMLEvent Writer will be used, in all other cases Cached Output Stream will be used.

Please note that if you don't have wrapper types for your methods and the classloader you are using does not allow you to call define Class(), you may need to set 'v2.bytecode.

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The default JAXB provider can be configured in a number of ways.

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