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It’s great she did a lot of this type of modeling prior to WWE because we all know she won’t be allowed to show any skin while she’s there.Her sexy Russian character isn’t going anywhere anytime soon so as she moves up the ladder of success in WWE, it will always be great to look back at these pics.

There are lots of stunning chicks to be found on this website, and all of them are drop-dead gorgeous.Although Halloween is not typically celebrated in Russia, an increasing number of Russian mail order brides definitely have…We all know how much you all love WWE Diva nudity, and it’s always great when WWE brings us a new and interesting female character like “The Ravishing Russian” Lana (real name Catherine Joy Perry) and then we discover she has an awesome collection of nude modeling pictures in her past. Her character “Lana” is seen weekly on WWE programming as the spokesperson of sorts for “Rusev” (who she is apparently dating in real life.) The “Ravishing Russian” nickname is quite fitting, as Lana struts out each week in her form fitting suits and berates the lowly Americans in her Russian accent. dating Russian women sounds like a horror movie nowadays, while acronyms such as FBO, DTR and DTF make dating seem like reading a medical diagnosis (it’s confusing AF).…Charm Date, one of the leading online dating websites, is introducing its You Tube channel to make dating Russian girls and Ukrainian girls even more accessible and exciting. Halloween is just days away, and Russian girls are definitely hyped up about it!

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