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It was normal to leave university and get a flat with your mates in Marylebone or Maida Vale or Primrose Hill or Notting Hill.Not because we were rich, but because London was cheap. Here was a city whose fortunes were reviving and, as 20-somethings, ready to make our mark on the world, we really were bang in the middle of things.These people like high-end chains, expensive restaurants and interiors shops.They don’t like edgy clubs and interesting markets.

Five years ago most of my staff lived within a mile of Proud Camden. Shoreditch may be annoying as a hipster Mecca, but it’ll be much worse in five years’ time when it’s a rich ghetto full of bankers who think they’ve discovered somewhere edgy. If you don’t like it, some parts of Zone 4 have the peace and quiet you crave. Build over Tube cuttings (like they’ve done in Paris, as it happens) and make a proper percentage of the buildings affordable.He talks about the benefits that being a global magnet for wealth bring to London, but, to adapt a John Stewart joke, when the super-rich appear to do something for your benefit, that’s just the invisible hand of the market giving you a reach-around.A few months back, I ranted about the Shoreditchification of London’s inner suburbs.And, for anyone normal, that means working in finance.As for the bits of London that always were rich - Mayfair, Chelsea and Kensington, they’ve moved up to the next level.

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