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From 1984 until the end of 2006, we published "The Anglican Free Press", a quarterly journal, which described itself as 'A Faithful Watchman, Messenger and Steward of the Lord'.

Many people are confused as to what exactly child custody means as it is also frequently used to indicate a child’s “residence”. If you have custody of your children, then you are legally entitled to make all the important decisions regarding your children’s lives.

These are decisions about education, religion, medical treatment, etc.

For example, while parents may have “joint custody” (joint decision making ability) the children may actually reside primarily with one parent for most of the time and a child’s residence is determinative of who will be the Payer or Recipient, of child support.

Thus we hope to uphold and articulate the 'faith once delivered to the saints', proclaiming the undiluted good news of God's love in Jesus Christ our Lord.t. We are grateful to our speakers for their interesting and thought-provoking papers and for the way in which they developed the theme as the conference progressed. The topic was "The Beautiful, the True, and the Good". In his Response to Father Christopher Snook's paper, The Rev'd Dr. We hope that the papers presented at the conference and found in this volume will prove to be helpful in our understanding of Scripture, as well as providing a useful response to the arguments and assertions of the New Atheists. Gary Thorne says in his paper: "The New Atheists challenge us to see the importance of our modern view of Scripture. The thought-provoking papers given at that conference and included in this volume are offered in thanksgiving for the seminal and ongoing contribution to these conferences of The Rev'd Dr. His papers, and also his presence, have provided an abiding inspiration and encouragement to those in attendance over the years. Is God's righteousness simply imparted to us for Christ's sake, or is his righteousness in some way imparted to us as we live in Christ?

Peter Publications is also pleased to be an agent for the sale of the three-book series, "Discovering the Book of Common Prayer", written by Sue Careless, and published originally as a project of the Prayer Book Society of Canada. As one of our speakers, Dr Roberta Barker, said, "If we believe with Aquinas that '[b]ecause all believers are one body, the good of one member is communicated to another,' then the 'blessed company of all faithful people' may share alike in the spiritual life of paradise, whether they seek it in pilgrimage on earth or enjoy it fully in the heavenly kingdom." Only , plus postage and handling. "The Outward Sense Befriending": The Beautiful, the True, and the Good The 2015 Atlantic Theological Conference was held in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, at St. Our speakers offered interesting and engaging papers and the discussion that followed the papers was particularly lively. Anthony Esolen, one of our speakers so beautifully said, " is a grace, a free and freedom-making gift. Brian Spence examines some of the important questions raised by a close reading of the Book of Job. "The New Atheism" The 2012 Atlantic Theological Conference was held in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Generally speaking, we have lost the hermeneutic that allows the Scripture to speak to us of the supernatural, and to transform our lives. Here we let him speak for himself: "Paradise is only possible if the soul is 'transhumanized'... Justification and Sanctification The papers delivered at the 27th Annual Atlantic Theological Conference are contained in this book. Are we merely accounted just, or are we actually made just?

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